Thursday, February 08, 2007

Here's some sketches on paper that I did! feels good to draw again for sure.


Blogger Dave said...

Awesome stuff, Neven - as always!

5:22 AM  
Anonymous Bungee! said...

Now, this deserves some commenting. :)))
"BALLS!" - that's the coolest! :)
Now - that one I would like to see animated. Hilarious! "BALLS!" :))))
Lots of stuff could be additionaly animated - overemphasize how his tongue and lips move crazily (totaly illogical) while saying it, pupils crazily changing shapes as he blinks with great effort, strongly closing eyes each time but asynchronously (some random crazy sounds added when he blinks); his eyelids wrinkling and twitching... and spitting while saying it and spraying fine mists, totaly braindead, giggling stupid occasionally. :) Ha, ha! I can already imagine him animated. "BALLS!" - his favourite word every time said exactly the same (so enthusiasticaly) pronounced with some stupid voice, not yelling just saying it like he's answering something regulary.
But that face should be on some massive guy (not fat, just huge bones, broad shoulders), tall guy, hunchback guy who works at a sawmill (makes toothpicks or something) and waits for a pause so he could run immediately to some creek to catch some large fish in that creek with his teeth, then fish slaps him on his face with it's tail so he giggles.
But that's just his cover-up, cause he is actually a super-hero when he eats some onions he keeps in his shoe. (dramatic situation)

7:08 AM  
Blogger neven said...

Holy crap!
Thanks buddy! I'm glad someone likes this drawing besides me! I thought it was funny but man you added soo much character to this guy, and created a plot line for him and everything, that's awesome, something I dont have enought brains for is making up stories. You really got me going with your post! I think I will have to make a little animation with this idiot! Thanks a lot! If you have a blog or website, please let me know! I'd love to visit it!

6:23 AM  
Blogger milkyteets said...

Hahah sweet expressions Nev! Crazy as always!

Bungee! Holyshit, you write a lot. But I totally saw the character you were detailing the entire time, lol. Nice.

4:25 PM  
Anonymous Bungee! said...

@ N.

:) Hah, hah... No problem mate - all in day's work. Just as I said - it RRREALLY deserves a comment. :)))
:) I was going around all that day saying "Balls." and laughing. :)

Really a universal answer to everything - "Balls." - what else? I mean it's obvious. :)

Hmm, maybe I'll make some blog or something... All in its time, all in its time... Hmmmm...

9:29 AM  
Anonymous Bungee! said...

Draw that "Balls." guy with a lumberjack hat on his head. That'll make him really him.

(he could be an educational character mind you (no matter he's dumb as a rock), because he transpires an important message - the only thing he knows is the very thing that is the most important one - "Balls!" (like: courage) - that's the ultimate solution, and then he turns into hero!)

(actually - do tell: the (hi)story - how did you create him - what first idea, what concept? (YOU created him, right?))

7:11 AM  
Blogger neven said...

Haha! I just drew him, I didnt think that far into it to be honest :) But I can see him sitting around a campfire or something... spreading his wisdom, to other aspiring idiots...

10:00 AM  

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